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The New SEO way – catch up or be irrelevant

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has come a long way since the time that search engines were not able to read all the content or track user behavior on a website. In the last 7 years, Google introduced a few changes in the way its algorithm handled searches.  The focus on mobile friendliness and the blocking [...]

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What does your Negotiation Style Cost you?

During the 20th century it was a great advantage to a country to have a coastline.  It meant better and faster trade, industry and development. However, researchers found that those countries in Europe that did not have coastlines were in fact economically more successful than those countries that did have coastlines. Why was this the [...]

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3 Steps to track your Marketing budget

Marketing. Most business owners feel this is a grudge spend.  If you manufacture something you are able to calculate exactly how much it cost.  This is easy to do because all the data is available.  If someone were to offer you an alternative price for the raw material, you can quickly calculate the cost difference [...]

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Buying Customers Online

Buying Customers I attended a seminar on the topic of how to buy customers presented by Brad Sugars fromActionCoach and felt that I should share some of his principles. How to buy customers: Brad said that we need to think globally – are our websites geared for international visitors? Buy lifetime customers, people that keep returning to buy more of your [...]

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Do You Know Your Customer Acquisition Costs?

We are living in times when business competition has moved a notch higher, and it’s important for every business to keep track of all costs going towards Marketing. It is shocking to realize that a lot of entrepreneurs out there still don’t have an idea of what customer acquisition cost is. Customer Acquisition Cost otherwise [...]

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Not all marketing strategies are equal

Not all marketing strategies are equal. South African research shows that 25 percent of retail marketing budgets are going to waste through inefficiencies in terms of product choice and poorly conceived media placement strategies. A further 10 to 15 percent of turnover is being lost because customers are leaving stores unhappy. (Chris Moerdyk) Customer-centric marketing as a key growth [...]

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Can I buy your products online?

Did you know that the total online spend between business and consumer in South Africa was R11,5 Billion in 2011? According to a study done by World Wide Worx, approximately 150,000 SME’s in South Africa would not be able to survive without their web presence. With SME’s accounting for about 7.8-million jobs in South Africa, [...]

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Don’t Interrupt, Join the Conversation in Your Customer’s Mind

Your marketing is wasteful. I’m 99% sure. Majority of businesses engage in busy work, a charade that we use to make ourselves feel good about it. We do things that clearly don’t drive any results, why? Because we ought to do something, right? Direct mail campaigns with zero return on investment, and we keep going [...]

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The On Purpose Business person

Ask anyone the question “What is your purpose” and after a blank stare for a while they will try to answer it by saying something that does not really make sense.  We all long for that ultimate purpose deep in our hearts if we have to be brutally honest.  Just working to get a salary [...]

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