Why Implement Marketing Automation?


Marketing Automation utilises a multi-scale approach, monitoring marketing communications in a timely, highly personalised, and more relevant fashion.

This is due to the system identifying the behaviour of each individual component.

Companies that deploy Marketing Automation see:

Better Forecast Accuracy
Higher Team Attainment of Quotas
Greater Average Deal Size
Better Lead Conversion Rates

Marketing Automation Benefits


The Marketing Automation Process

First you will create a workflow, meaning create the emails that will be distributed to your leads when triggered, focusing on different areas and topics surrounding your business.

A good way to build a targeted list for your emails to be sent to, is by creating an Ebook or a CTA (call to action) to use as an incentive. This works by having your leads submit their email to gain access to the information and content.

Once you have their contact details, the nurturing begins, and the first email will be automatically sent to that person. This could contain for example, a blog post on a topic relating to a page they visited on your site.

A few days later, a webinar you previously uploaded to social media could be emailed directly to the them, engaging them with either the product or service your business provides. This is in no way pushing people, it is just softly informing your potential customers of what you are about.

As time goes on, Market Segmentation will automatically come into practice, dividing your email lists by their contact details, activity on your website and their reaction to your automated emails. This helps target the correct leads with the correct campaigns and content, personally aiming it at their interests and helps to pinpoint the exact customers you wish to target. This can be as specific as you like, for example, an email could be triggered and sent to female users who have viewed a particular product on your site.

By this point you would expect your contact list to be pretty clued up on what your business does and caters for through your powerful content and extensive Marketing Automation strategy. So, it’s now time for your sales team to work their magic by picking up the phone and generating a sale!

After you successfully secure a sale, the opportunity to up sell and cross sell will arise due to the customer loyalty that will have developed. This will dramatically further increase your business’ rate of ROI.

After the sale, they will then receive a customer satisfactory survey to complete. If they are not satisfied, a further set of automated content will be sent to the lead to try and put your company in a positive light.

When Will Your Emails Be Triggered?

Your emails will be automatically triggered and distributed to your contact lists when, for example, the leads visit your website, fill out any forms on your site, date triggers and default auto responses for any replies you get.

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