The Fiberglass Swimming Pool Story

What the heck is inbound marketing?

I get this question all the time, and yes, it is a term coined by the Americans. If you are not in logistics, the chances are that you might not even know the term inbound.

Let me explain this by the Fiberglass Pool Story:

I heard this interview a few years ago between a traditional marketer and the fiberglass pool guy.

The fiberglass pool guy told the story of he and two friends “braaiing” (barbeque in the US) one Saturday afternoon.
They talked about how bad their jobs were (you know those kinds of conversations) and, I presume after a few Budweiser’s, decided to start their own company. But what kind of company?
Well, the first thing that came to mind was the pool next to which they were braaiing.

It was decided, they were going to build Fiberglass pools. So, it was done and lo and behold 3 months later they were in crisis, cash flow crisis.
They sold 2 pools and did not have any money in their bank accounts.

One of them, the one interviewed, attended a talk on inbound (content) marketing and decided there and then that he would pursue this.
Every day after his kids went to bed, he would sit and write a 500-word blog that answered some fiberglass pool questions that he got during the day. What is the lifespan of a fiberglass pool? Which are the best chemicals to use in a fiberglass pool? etc, etc.
When he started, their website contained 3 pages and I guess about 1500 words.

He continued with this for the next 18 months, or at least this was when he was interviewed. The person that interviewed him asked if it worked.
His response was that their website was now seen by Google as the #1 website for Fiberglass Pool information and listed within the top three organic searches, for anything related to fiberglass pools on

What did this do for your business, was the next question. His response was that they now build, on average, 2 fiberglass pools per week.

Bottom line, they are now seen as experts in fiberglass pool building due to their knowledge that they shared on the internet.

I know this story makes inbound marketing to be a very easy solution to implement, and yes it is, but there is more behind the scenes than this guy was willing to tell; things like keyword research, social media, videos, call 2 actions, and a few more.

Our passion is to assist businesses to implement this awesome marketing tool called inbound (content) marketing. Our strength is to design and oversee the executing thereof.