Sales Strategy

Over the years we have seen that customers can’t sell here and there. You can’t pick up the phone when you have a minute. Sales require a strategy, a process, a way to proceed that you can measure and monitor.

Sales are something you have to commit to on an ongoing basis. You can’t just try it for 30 days!

Sales take persistence, energy, and focus.

If you think about the sales process in terms of bike riding. When you ride a bike you have to gain momentum. When you first start to pedal, it takes extra energy to get the bike to move. Once you’ve been riding you develop a flow; you can even glide at times. As you ride you build up momentum. When you encounter a hill the build-up momentum can help you climb it.


That’s what an effective sales process is like.

Screenshot 2019-03-26 at 15.39.41

You have to put the plan in place and start the ride. Once you get that energy going, it becomes easier to maintain.

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